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Hardware Configuration

The Hewlett Packard cluster available at LNF includes 12 HP 9000/7xx, with hardware configuration shown in Tab.A.1, and 2 DEC System DEC -4000/610 and DEC -2100 4/275, with alpha processor, with the relative hardware characteristics shown in Tab.A.2.

Table A.1: Hewlett Packard Cluster - Hardware Configuration.

Table A.2: Digital Cluster - Hardware Configuration.

The workstations HP 9000/7XX are in the Edificio Alte Energie, and are located in different places inside the building; for this reason the Network connection to the LAN (Local Area Network) uses two different Thin Wire Ethernet that are connected to the LNF Ethernet Backbone by a DEC-Dempr; no bridge solution is adopted.

Only two workstations have the monitor, the remaining five are installed inside the computing center structure, making use of the centralized UPS and cooling system in order to increase the system availability. Four of these workstations are head-less and the console for each system is obtained using the serial line connected with a Terminal Server port. On each port of the Terminal Server a remote service is defined, that allows the connection from a generic terminal to each workstation console using the Local Area Trasport protocol (LAT).

In figure the hardware configuration including the remote console system is shown.

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