User selection procedure

Eligible researchers wishing to have access to the LNF with the European support are required to submit to the LNF written proposals, which will be evaluated by the User Selection Panel (USP). The proposals are distributed to the USP members well in advance before the meeting. The proposals are also provided to the Chairpersons of two specialized Committees enforced at LNF in order to guarantee the access to the facilities, following the principle of scientific excellence and transparency. The selection of the experiments at the Synchrotron Radiation Facility is performed by a dedicated Synchrotron Light Scientific Committee, while the access to the DAFNE Beam Test Facility (BTF) is regulated by the BTF Users Committee. The two Committees provide the USP with their recommendations in due time for the USP meeting. The USP bases its selection on scientific merit, following the prescriptions , for the running HadronPhysics contract, of Annex III of the contract, Article III.6.6.

Giuliano Basso - Last updating on 19 November, 2007