User Selection Panel


The panel is formed by 5 members: 3 external members and 2 internal members, chosen on the basis of their internationally recognized experience and appointed by the LNF Director.

It is composed by:

David Miller (Chairman) University College of London (U.K.) external member
Jean Pierrre Egger Institute de Physique, Universite' de Neuchatel (Switzerland) external member
Stefano Fontana Elettra, Trieste external member
Calogero Natoli INFN, LNF internal member
Maria Curatolo INFN, LNF internal member

USP duties include the monitoring of the progress of the approved projects. At the completion of a project, the USP also examines the final reports, which, along with the published results, constitute the main deliverables. Published results obtained within the EU programme, should explicitly quote it.

The entire scientific program of LNF is evaluated twice a year by an International Scientific Committee. The Committee is formed by seven external members chosen among prominent scientists in the international community. The mission of the Committee is to monitor the progress of the ongoing experiments, to evaluate and recommend new experimental proposals to be carried out at the Lab and to examine the Lab short and long term plans.


Giuliano Basso - Last updating on 19 November, 2007