The DAFNE Control System is a three-level distributed structure where many third level CPUs are in charge of continuously monitoring, sending commands to and acquiring the readings from all machine devices. The user-oriented high level software runs on the first level consoles of the system and the traffic of informations between the first and third level is controlled by few second level CPUs. The system is modular and is being implemented in parallel with the assembling of the machine.

The overall functionality of the system has been successfully tested for the first time during the commissioning of the Accumulator and Transfer Line. All basic features of the system have been employed, demonstrating the adequacy of the system to the manifold requirements of a complicate accelerator complex such as DAFNE. The operation on the Main Rings has confirmed these indications.

The first control room, initially placed in the Linac Hall in order to control the first part of the Transfer Line, was firstly moved to a hall near the Accumulator, to perform the injector commissioning. It has now reached its final destination in the DAFNE Control and Instrumentation Room.

The amount of software developed for the DAFNE Control System has reached about 200 MB and has been realized in the LabVIEW, FORTRAN and C environments. This software includes the control of the magnetic elements power supplies, of the diagnostic devices, of the vacuum system and, in general, of all the devices used during commissioning. A machine Data Base has also been implemented as well as several accelerator physics oriented procedures, such as the acquisition and analysis of the closed orbit deviation, as well as computational tools for its correction, and the setting of beam optical parameters, A set of simulation programs has been also realized to check the agreement of the measured machine parameters to its optical model.

M.Preger 29 JUN 1998