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Capitolo 273.   Entità ISO gestite da Alml

Nel seguito vengono mostrate alcune tabelle che riportano lo stato attuale del supporto dato da Alml alle entità ISO standard. Ciò che non è disponibile, appare come racchiuso tra parentesi quadre.

Tabella 273.1. Entità ISOnum: numeric and special graphic. Prima parte.

SGML macro Risultato Descrizione in inglese
½ [half ] fraction one-half
½ ½ fraction one-half
¼ ¼ fraction one-quarter
¾ ¾ fraction three-quarters
⅛ [frac18] fraction one-eighth
⅜ [frac38] fraction three-eighths
⅝ [frac58] fraction five-eighths
⅞ [frac78] fraction seven-eighths
¹ ¹ superscript one
² ² superscript two
³ ³ superscript three
+ + plus sign
± ± plus-or-minus sign
&lt; < less-than sign
&equals; = equals sign
&gt; > greater-than sign
&divide; ÷ divide sign
&times; × multiply sign
&curren; ¤ general currency sign
&pound; £ pound sign
&dollar; $ dollar sign
&cent; ¢ cent sign
&yen; ¥ yen sign
&num; # number sign
&percnt; % percent sign
&amp; & ampersand
&ast; * asterisk
&commat; @ commercial at
&lsqb; [ left square bracket
&bsol; \ reverse solidus
&rsqb; ] right square bracket
&lcub; { left curly bracket
&horbar; [horbar] horizontal bar
&verbar; | vertical bar
&rcub; } right curly bracket

Tabella 273.2. Entità ISOnum: numeric and special graphic. Seconda parte.

SGML macro Risultato Descrizione in inglese
&micro; µ micro sign
&ohm; [ohm ] ohm sign
&deg; ° degree sign
&ordm; º ordinal indicator, masculine
&ordf; ª ordinal indicator, feminine
&sect; § section sign
&para; pilcrow (paragraph sign)
&middot; · middle dot
&larr; [larr ] leftward arrow
&rarr; [rarr ] rightward arrow
&uarr; [uarr ] upward arrow
&darr; [darr ] downward arrow
&copy; © copyright sign
&reg; ® registered sign
&trade; [trade ] trade mark sign
&brvbar; ¦ broken (vertical) bar
&not; ¬ not sign
&sung; [sung ] music note (sung text sign)
&excl; ! exclamation mark
&iexcl; ¡ inverted exclamation mark
&quot; " quotation mark
&apos; ' apostrophe
&lpar; ( left parenthesis
&rpar; ) right parenthesis
&comma; , comma
&lowbar; _ low line
&hyphen; - hyphen
&period; . full stop, period
&sol; / solidus
&colon; : colon
&semi; ; semicolon
&quest; ? question mark
&iquest; ¿ inverted question mark
&laquo; « angle quotation mark, left
&raquo; » angle quotation mark, right
&lsquo; ` single quotation mark, left
&rsquo; ' single quotation mark, right
&ldquo; [ldquo ] double quotation mark, left
&rdquo; [rdquo ] double quotation mark, right
&nbsp;   no break (required) space
&shy; ­ soft hyphen

Tabella 273.3. Entità ISOtech: general technical. Prima parte.

SGML macro Risultato Descrizione in inglese
&aleph; [aleph ] aleph, Hebrew
&and; [and ] logical and
&ang90; [ang90 ] right (90 degree) angle
&angsph; [angsph] angle-spherical
&ap; [ap ] approximate
&becaus; [becaus] because
&bottom; [bottom] perpendicular
&cap; [cap ] intersection
&cong; [cong ] congruent with
&conint; [conint] contour integral operator
&cup; [cup ] union or logical sum
&equiv; [equiv ] identical with
&exist; [exist ] at least one exists
&forall; [forall] for all
&fnof; [fnof ] function of (italic small f)
&ge; greater-than-or-equal
&iff; [iff ] if and only if
&infin; [infin ] infinity
&int; [int ] integral operator
&isin; [isin ] set membership
&lang; [lang ] left angle bracket
&lArr; [lArr ] is implied by
&le; less-than-or-equal
&minus; - minus sign
&mnplus; [mnplus] minus-or-plus sign
&nabla; [nabla ] del, Hamilton operator
&ne; [ne ] not equal
&ni; [ni ] contains
&or; [or ] logical or

Tabella 273.4. Entità ISOtech: general technical. Seconda parte.

SGML macro Risultato Descrizione in inglese
&par; [par ] parallel
&part; [part ] partial differential
&permil; [permil] per thousand
&perp; [perp ] perpendicular
&prime; [prime ] prime or minute
&Prime; [Prime ] double prime or second
&prop; [prop ] is proportional to
&radic; [radic ] radical
&rang; [rang ] right angle bracket
&rArr; [rArr ] implies
&sim; [sim ] similar
&sime; [sime ] similar, equals
&square; [square] square
&sub; [sub ] subset or is implied by
&sube; [sube ] subset, equals
&sup; [sup ] superset or implies
&supe; [supe ] superset, equals
&there4; [there4] therefore
&Verbar; [Verbar] dbl vertical bar
&angst; [angst ] capital A, ring
&bernou; [bernou] bernoulli function (script capital B)
&compfn; [compfn] composite function (small circle)
&Dot; [Dot ] dieresis or umlaut mark
&DotDot; [DotDot] four dots above
&hamilt; [hamilt] hamiltonian (script capital H)
&lagran; [lagran] lagrangian (script capital L)
&lowast; [lowast] low asterisk
&notin; [notin ] negated set membership
&order; [order ] order of (script small o)
&phmmat; [phmmat] physics M-matrix (script capital M)
&tdot; [tdot ] three dots above
&tprime; [tprime] triple prime
&wedgeq; [wedgeq] corresponds to (wedge, equals)

Tabella 273.5. Entità ISOlat1: added latin 1. Prima parte.

SGML macro Risultato Descrizione in inglese
&aacute; á small a, acute accent
&Aacute; Á capital A, acute accent
&acirc; â small a, circumflex accent
&Acirc; Â capital A, circumflex accent
&agrave; à small a, grave accent
&Agrave; À capital A, grave accent
&aring; å small a, ring
&Aring; Å capital A, ring
&atilde; ã small a, tilde
&Atilde; Ã capital A, tilde
&auml; ä small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Auml; Ä capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
&aelig; æ small ae diphthong (ligature)
&AElig; Æ capital AE diphthong (ligature)
&ccedil; ç small c, cedilla
&Ccedil; Ç capital C, cedilla
&eth; ð small eth, Icelandic
&ETH; Ð capital Eth, Icelandic
&eacute; é small e, acute accent
&Eacute; É capital E, acute accent
&ecirc; ê small e, circumflex accent
&Ecirc; Ê capital E, circumflex accent
&egrave; è small e, grave accent
&Egrave; È capital E, grave accent
&euml; ë small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Euml; Ë capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
&iacute; í small i, acute accent
&Iacute; Í capital I, acute accent
&icirc; î small i, circumflex accent
&Icirc; Î capital I, circumflex accent
&igrave; ì small i, grave accent
&Igrave; Ì capital I, grave accent
&iuml; ï small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Iuml; Ï capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark

Tabella 273.6. Entità ISOlat1: added latin 1. Seconda parte.

SGML macro Risultato Descrizione in inglese
&ntilde; ñ small n, tilde
&Ntilde; Ñ capital N, tilde
&oacute; ó small o, acute accent
&Oacute; Ó capital O, acute accent
&ocirc; ô small o, circumflex accent
&Ocirc; Ô capital O, circumflex accent
&ograve; ò small o, grave accent
&Ograve; Ò capital O, grave accent
&oslash; ø small o, slash
&Oslash; Ø capital O, slash
&otilde; õ small o, tilde
&Otilde; Õ capital O, tilde
&ouml; ö small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Ouml; Ö capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
&szlig; ß small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
&thorn; þ small thorn, Icelandic
&THORN; Þ capital THORN, Icelandic
&uacute; ú small u, acute accent
&Uacute; Ú capital U, acute accent
&ucirc; û small u, circumflex accent
&Ucirc; Û capital U, circumflex accent
&ugrave; ù small u, grave accent
&Ugrave; Ù capital U, grave accent
&uuml; ü small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Uuml; Ü capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
&yacute; ý small y, acute accent
&Yacute; Ý capital Y, acute accent
&yuml; ÿ small y, dieresis or umlaut mark
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