List AFS Volume Mount Points

Created on: 02-Dec-2003
Last update: 18-Dec-2003 is a Perl Script based on a Perl Script written by Bradley White of Transarc Co. (original file).
It can be used to get the list of mount points of AFS (Andrew File System) Volumes in a given tree.
It also tries to avoid loops detecting multiple mounts of a volume.

You are free to download and use it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Usage is: [-summary] [-foreign] [-showquota] <directory ...>

	-summary    Show a final list of mount points for every visited volume.

	-foreign    Include directory trees with mount points of foreign cells.

	-showquota  Show volume quotas.

A simple Perl Script to get some information on AFS volumes status and statistics can be found here.


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