The Second DAFNE Physics Handbook

Editors: L. Maiani, G. Pancheri and N. Paver.

Supported by INFN, by the EC under HCMP contract number CHRX-CT920026 and by the authors home institutions.

Acknowledgments and Foreword.

Frascati, May 1995.

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Table of contents

  1. CP and CPT Violation
    1. CP and CPT Violation in Neutral Kaon Decays by L. Maiani (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Estimates of $\epsilon^{\prime}/\epsilon$ by M. Ciuchini, E. Franco, G. Martinelli and L. Reina (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. CP Violation in $K\rightarrow 3\pi$ Decays by L. Maiani and N. Paver (PS, TeX or HTML)
    4. CP and CPT Measurements at DAFNE by G. D'Ambrosio, G. Isidori and A. Pugliese (PS, TeX or HTML)

  2. Topics in Quantum Mechanics
    1. Tests of Quantum Mechanics at a $\phi$-factory by P.H. Eberhard (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Non-critical-String-Inspired Modifications of Quantum Mechanics by N.E. Mavromatos (PS, TeX or HTML)

  3. Chiral Perturbation Theory
    1. Chiral Perturbation Theory by J. Bijnens, G. Ecker and J. Gasser (PS, TeX or HTML)

  4. Other Approaches to Low Energy Dynamics
    1. Introduction to Extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Models by J. Bijnens (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Quark-Resonance Model by E. Pallante and R. Petronzio (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. Generalized Chiral Perturbation Theory by M. Knecht and J. Stern (PS, TeX or HTML)

  5. The $\pi-\pi$ Interaction
    1. Low Energy $\pi-\pi$ Scattering by D. Morgan and M.R. Pennington (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. The $\pi \pi$ Scattering Amplitude in Chiral Perturbation Theory by J. Gasser (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. The $\pi \pi$ Amplitude in Generalized Chiral Perturbation Theory by M. Knecht, B. Moussallam and J. Stern (PS, TeX or HTML)

  6. Non-leptonic Kaon Decays
    1. CP Conserving Non-leptonic $K\rightarrow 3\pi$ Decays by L. Maiani and N. Paver (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Radiative Non-leptonic Kaon Decays by G. D'Ambrosio, G. Ecker, G. Isidori and H. Neufeld (PS, TeX or HTML)

  7. Leptonic and Semileptonic Kaon Decays
    1. Semileptonic Kaon Decays by J. Bijnens, G. Colangelo, G. Ecker and J. Gasser (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Radiative Corrections to $K-{l2}$ Decays by M. Finkemeier (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. On the Pais-Treiman Method to Measure $\pi \pi$ phase shifts in $K-{e4}$ decays by G. Colangelo, M. Knecht and J. Stern (PS, TeX or HTML)
    4. Accuracies of $K-{l4}$ Parameters at DAFNE by M. Baillargeon and P.J. Franzini (PS, TeX or HTML)

  8. $\eta$ Decays
    1. Electromagnetic $\eta$ Decays by Ll. Ametller (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Weak Decays of $\eta$ Mesons by E. Shabalin (PS, TeX or HTML)

  9. One Photon Initiated Processes
    1. Electromagnetic Form Factors by A. Bramon and M. Greco (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Hadronic Contributions to the Muon g-2 by R. Barbieri and E. Remiddi (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. The Muon Gyromagnetic Ratio and $R-H$ at DAFNE by P. Franzini (PS, TeX or HTML)
    4. Vector Meson Decays in Effective Chiral Lagrangians by A. Bramon, A. Grau and G. Pancheri (PS, TeX or HTML)
    5. Electromagnetic Decays of Vector Mesons in Lattice QCD by M. Crisafulli and V. Lubicz (PS, TeX or HTML)
    6. Experimental Studies of Vector Meson Radiative Decays by S.I. Eidelman (PS, TeX or HTML)

  10. Two Photon Processes
    1. What We Learn by Measuring $\gamma\gamma\to\pi\pi$ at DAFNE by M.R. Pennington (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Low-energy Photon-photon Collisions in Chiral Perturbation Theory by S. Bellucci, J. Gasser and M. Sainio (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. Azimuthal Correlations in $\gamma \gamma \rightarrow \pi \pi$ at DAFNE by S. Bellucci, A. Courau and S. Ong (PS, TeX or HTML)
    4. Theoretical Predictions for Pion Polarizabilities by J. Portolés and M. Pennington (PS, TeX or HTML)
    5. The Kinematics of the Two-photon Processes at DAFNE by A. Courau (PS, TeX or HTML)
    6. Measurement of Two-photon Interactions through the KLOE Small Angle Tagging System by F. Anulli, R. Baldini, M. Bassetti, S. Bellucci, A. Courau, I. Cohen, A. Moalem, G. Pancheri, M. Preger, L. Razdolskaja, P. Sergio and A. Zallo (PS, TeX or HTML)
    7. Small Angle Radiative Bhabha Scattering in the No-recoil Approximation by G. Pancheri (PS, TeX or HTML)
    8. QED Radiative Corrections and Radiative Bhabha Scattering at DAFNE by M. Greco, G. Montagna, O. Nicrosini and F. Piccinini (PS, TeX or HTML)

  11. Light Quark Spectroscopy
    1. Scalar Mesons and Kaons in $\phi$ Radiative Decay and Their Implications for Studies of CP Violation at DAFNE by N. Brown and F.E. Close (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Scalar Mesons and $\phi \rightarrow \pi \pi \gamma$ at DAFNE by A. Bramon and M. Greco (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. Study of the OZI Rule Violation at DAFNE by N.N. Achasov (PS, TeX or HTML)
    4. Exotic Mesons at DAFNE by F. Close and G. Gounaris (PS, TeX or HTML)
    5. Electron-Positron Annihilation below 1.6 GeV by A. Donnachie and A.B. Clegg (PS, TeX or HTML)

  12. Nuclear Physics with Kaons
    1. Hypernuclear Physics by A. Molinari and H. Feshbach (PS, TeX or HTML)
    2. Non-mesonic Decay of Hypernuclei and the $\Delta=1/2$ Rule by T. Bressani (PS, TeX or HTML)
    3. Low-Energy Kaon-Nucleon Interactions and Scattering at DAFNE by P. Gensini (PS, TeX or HTML)

  13. The Experimental Program at DAFNE
    1. Status of DAFNE and KLOE by J. Lee-Franzini
    2. Status of FINUDA by FINUDA Collaboration (PS, TeX or HTML)

  14. Light Meson Data and Statistics
    1. Predicting the Statistical Accuracy of an Experiment by P. Franzini (PS)
    2. Reproduction of Decay Properties Courtesy of Particle Data Group

Courtesy of Carlos E. Piedrafita, for more information about the Handbook contact Giulia Pancheri

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