Starting from the AdS/CFT based notion of a duality generalizing the electromagnetic duality of Maxwell theory, combined with supersymmetry, this Workshop will review the possibilities that global electric and magnetic duality and the continuous global symmetry of the equations of motion of Born-Infeld like theories control the quantum theory, thus offering an explanation for the UV properties of extended supergravity theories.

The AdS/CFT correspondence, which states that D=4, N=4 super Yang-Mills is equivalent to Type IIB superstring on AdS5×S5, is a remarkable manifestation of the holographic principle. This correspondence has given rise to a plethora of trends, approaches, techniques and developments in nowadays physics. They range from "standard" pure theoretical aspects to those having interesting experimental applications. This correspondence is extremely useful for stringy interpretation of large N gauge theory with a subsequent application to problems of gravity physics such as entropy characterization of black hole physics. It also turns out useful to understand strongly coupled high-energy systems such as the RHIC and LHC experiments, and intricate condensed matter systems.

Inspired by this success, one could try to involve another far reaching idea which is partially already present in the AdS/CFT correspondence. This idea is a duality which generalizes the notion of electromagnetic duality in Maxwell theory. Combined with supersymmetry, it leads to intriguing developments.

Namely, N=2 supergravity, deformed by a genuine supersymmetric completion of the λR4 term, makes the previously "silent" ingredient play an active role. This (R....)4 counterterm in supergravity had its ups and downs since the time it was first proposed as a candidate for the UV divergence in N=1 supergravity. For N=2 a linearized version of the candidate for the UV divergence was proposed a year later and its N=8 version was constructed four years later. Its gravitational part is the square of the Bel-Robinson tensor and it also has a term quartic in graviphotons. Its 3-loop UV finiteness was explained via the E7(7) duality discovered by Cremmer and Julia.

The workshop is to be held at the National Laboratories of Frascati from 25 to 28 March 2013.

About 35 people are expected to attend and there will be no fee.

The main topics of the workshop are

The main goal of the workshop is to revive an interest to the subject, discuss recent results on the topics and to draw attention of the people working in adjusting areas.

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