March 8th , 2007 - h. 15:00

Auditorium B. Touschek  

A. Katzir

(Tel Aviv U.)


Infrared transmitting AgClBr fibers
and their applications


We have developed optical fibers which are based on crystalline AgClBr. The fibers are flexible, non-toxic, non-hygroscopic and highly transparent in the mid-IR (3-30 microns). These fibers paved the way for advanced research and for novel applications:

1) Non - contact fiberoptic thermometry.

2) Laser bonding of biological tissues (e.g. for endoscopic surgery).

3) Fiberoptic mid-IR spectroscopy and its applications:
a) Online monitoring water (e.g. environmental protection or homeland security).
b) Early diagnosis of diseases (e.g. cancer or Alzheimer).
c) Phase transition measurements (e.g. water/ice or protein coagulation).

4) Novel photonic crystal fibers.

5) Single Mode Fibers for Mid - IR astronomy (e.g. the search for the origin of life).

6) Rare earth doped AgClBr solid state lasers and fiber lasers (e.g. countermeasures against shoulder launched missiles).

7) Scanning Near Field Mid-IR Microscopy with a sub-wavelength resolution (e.g. for the study of biological cells or of integrated circuits).

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