Thursday, June 12th - h. 15:00

Aula Seminari (A34)

Jorge Zuluaga
Instituto de Fisica, Universidad de Antioquia
Medellin - Colombia

Searching for Sub-eV Neutrino Masses 

using Supernova Neutrinos


Compelling evidences in favor of neutrino masses were obtained during the last few years by different oscillation neutrino experiments.
However, oscillation experiments can provide informations only on the differences of neutrino mass squared. The problem of the determination of the absolute values of neutrino masses is apparently among the most difficult ones from the experimental point of view. One well known approach to this problem is based on the study of the neutrino signalfrom a future Galactic supernova. We present preliminary results of a new technique based on this method, that is completely independent of
astrophysical assumptions and that, contrary to common belief, can reach a sensitivity to the interesting mass range below 1 eV.



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MCD, 19/05/2003