November 30th, 2007 - h. 15:00

Seminar Room (A-34)

S. P. Tripathy
(Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India)

Neutron dosimetry in accelerator environment


With accelerators entering almost all spheres of our everyday life, a high priority is being given to the neutron dosimetry because neutrons are the most dominating component in this environment. For this purpose, precise knowledge in neutron energy distribution is highly essential, mainly due to the fact that the dose is energy dependent and the neutrons are rarely mono-energetic.

Its detection and measurement is still a challenge due to its wide energy range and absence of any single detector to cover the entire range. In addition, discriminating neutrons from other type of radiations like gamma, x-rays, etc. further deteriorates the situation. The increasing interest for high energy and high intensity accelerators needs urgent attention to validate and improve the existing conventional techniques of neutron dosimetry.

The activities in our laboratory at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre includes activation foil methods, BSS with TLD pairs, proton recoil studies using liquid scintillators and CR-39, neutron induced fission responses in plastic nuclear track detectors, mainly for the high energy part of the spectrum, LET based methods are under improvement, various unfolding methods are under test to suit the situations and a lot simulation studies using MCNP, FLUKA and GEANT are being carried out for the shielding studies as well.

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