Thursday 19 May 2005 - h. 15:00 

Aula Seminari

  A. Takahashi
Osaka U.)

Basic Study on Cold Transmutation of Isotopes and Theoretical Interpretation


Incineration of Long-Lived Nuclear Wastes (LLNW) from nuclear power plants is of interest.

The MHI-Iwamura type experimental method for "Cold Transmutation of Isotopes" may have great potential. It should be confirmed and applied for LLNW transmutation. The Italian-Japanese project is of basic study for this aim.

A theoretical background as TSC(Tetrahedral Symmetric Condensate)-induced nuclear reactions in D/H loaded metal systems is explained. 4D/TSC may dominantly induce self-fusion of 4D to produce He-4 ash as radiation-less clean fusion reaction. In addition, 4D/TSC and 4H/TSC may form sub-pm size charge-neutral pseudo-particles which may induce direct nuclear reactions with neighboring heavier isotopes to make transmutations.

Some detail of theoretical modeling and numerical results on reaction rates for transmutations of Cs-to-Pr, Sr-to-Mo, and so on are shown, as working scenarios of the IJ-project.


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AP, 9/5/2005