Wednesday, December 10th 2003 - h. 15:00 

Aula Touschek


N.F. Shul'ga

(ITP NSC KhIPT, Kharkov)

   "Mechanisms of scattering and radiation by electrons and positrons with energy of the order of some hundred MeV in oriented crystals"

- Coherent radiation (CB) and channeling radiation (CR): history, validity conditions...
- The motion of relativistic electrons and positrons in periodical field of crystal atomic strings, dynamical chaos phenomenon at channeling and scattering of the particles in crystal, Levy flights in crystal.
- Influence of the motion types on coherent radiation (CB at dynamical chaos conditions, ...), X-ray coherent radiation, simulation of spectrum and polarization of coherent radiation, radiation by relativistic electrons and positrons in oriented crystals, theory and Kharkov experiment for 1 GeV electron energy, new experiment proposals on CB and CR at Frascati.

Additional questions (if it will be interesting):
- Parametric X-ray in crystal (line width for electrons and positrons).
- Radiation in pre-wave zone, influence of transfer target size on tranition radiation.
- Coherent radiation at collisions of short bunches of relativistic particles.


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MCD, 27/11/2003