Friday, 28 April 2006 - h. 15:00 

Aula Seminari (A34)


P. Schillebeeckx


Neutron cross section measurements at GELINA for nuclear applications



Neutron cross section measurements at the GELINA facility installed at the IRMM Geel (B) will be discussed. This TOF- facility has been especially designed to determine high-resolution neutron induced cross section data. Measurements can be performed simultaneously at 12 flight-paths. We will describe the various measurement stations to perform total and partial cross section measurements.

The relevance of neutron induced reaction cross section data in support to Partitioning and Transmutation, the development of ADS and the Th-U fuel cycle will be highlighted. Improved capture cross sections for stable fission products are important for the criticality safety of spent fuel storage and transportation of spent fuel and to optimize and extend the fuel cycle associated with present nuclear power plants.

Besides the activities related to nuclear energy applications, we also contribute to basic research in nuclear physics. In collaboration with the Univ. of Delft (Nl), we developed a non-destructive method Neutron Resonance Capture Analysis to determine the elemental composition of objects and materials. This method will be explained and the performance compared with results of other technique.  


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