Thursday, April 17th - h. 15:00

Auditorium B. Touschek


G. Paturel
Lyon Observatory


Gravitational Wave (GW) signature from anisotropy
of source distribution


A general introduction of astronomical results will be given first : coordinates, sidereal time, distance and distribution of sources in the local universe (within 100 Mpc).

Then, the factors entering the detection of a GW event will be explained: statistical production rate of events, distance and orientationof the detector with respect to the source, sensitivity of the detector. Tensor or scalar waves observed with interferometric or bar detectors willbe considered.

Finally, we will show that the shape of the count rate of GW events along the sidereal time directly reflects the actual distribution of sources.
In return, this gives us the possibility to detect and localize GW
sources, simply from the cumulative count of events along the sidereal time. This method should be very sensitive because it authorizes very low S/N ratio.



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MCD, 31/3/2003