Wednesday November 19th at 10:00

Auditorium Touschek

Prof. Kumakhov M.A.

Institute for Roentgen Optics (Moscow) & UNISANTIS SA (Geneva)

Status of Polycapillary Optics and Perspectives


After historical introduction to capillary/polycapillary X-ray&neutron optics, the current status of polycapillary optics and the prospects for the future development will be discussed.
Modern level of  the polycapillary optics technology permits to speak about new generation of polycapillary lenses - integral polycapillary lenses. New lenses are the main units of novel instruments developed by UNISANTIS SA in cooperation with IRO that will be presented during the seminar. Namely, these are a "laboratory synchrotron" based on a combination of small micro-focus X-ray tube and optics, with a flux of ~ 10^10 - 10^11 quasi monochromatic photons per sec per mm^2 with divergence of 2-3 mrad, and a compact X-ray fluorescent spectrometer.


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MCD, 12/11/2003