Tuesday, 23 March 2004 - h. 14:30 

Aula Seminari (A34)


Yasuhiro IWAMURA

Takehiko ITOH, Mitsuru SAKANO and Shizuma KURIBAYASHI

(Advanced Technology Research Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ltd.)

Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation
in Condensed Matter
Induced by D2 Gas Permeation through Pd Complexes



Elemental analysis of Pd complexes, which consist of a thin Pd layer, alternating CaO and Pd layers and bulk Pd, is described, after subjecting the Pd complexes to D2 gas permeation.  When Cs was added on the surface of a Pd complex, Pr emerged on the surface while Cs decreased after the Pd complex was subjected to D2 gas permeation.  The detected Pr was confirmed by various methods such as TOF-SIMS, XANES, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry and ICP-MS.  Analysis of the depth profile of Pr indicated that a very thin surface region up to 100 angstroms was the active transmutation zone.  Many experimental results showed that the quantity of Pr was proportional to the deuterium flux through Pd complex.  When Sr was added to the surface, Mo emerged while the Sr decreased after D2 gas permeation.  The isotopic composition of the detected Mo was different from the natural abundance.  All the observed phenomena were reproduced qualitatively.


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MCD, 26/2/2004