Thursday 27th October 2005 - h. 15:00 

Aula Seminari

  F. Gatti
Genova U. and INFN)

Direct searches of neutrino mass with calorimetric beta spectroscopy of Re-187


    The calorimetric determination of the absolute neutrino mass by means of cryogenic detectors could play a significant role, being in principle able to investigate the 0.1 eV/c2 region.

    However, the questions whether the development of this new technique will allow to confirm the expected performance, are still open.

    The seminar will outline briefly the historical framework, the main achievements on precise beta spectroscopy of Re-187 and the proposal for the next generation experiment.

    Further, other related topics that can be investigated with the same experimental methods will be reviewed , as well as the Fine Structure of the Beta Decay and its application to the matter science.



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AP, 11/10/2005