Thursday, 15 July 2004 - h. 15:00 

Auditorium B. Touschek

S. Capozziello
(Salerno Univ. and INFN-Napoli)

Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Time


A discussion on Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity and their relations is introduced.
The assumption of the absolute validity of conservation laws and the extension to a 5D-space lead to reconsider several shortcomings and paradoxes of modern physics under a new light without the necessity to take into account symmetry breakings.
In this picture, starting from first principles, and after a reduction procedure from 5D to 4D, dynamics leads to the natural emergence of two time arrows and of a scalar-tensor theory of gravity.
In this framework, phenomena like entanglement of systems and topology changes can be naturally accounted and, furthermore, several experimental evidences as gamma ray bursts, sizes of astrophysical structures and the observed values of cosmological parameters can be explained.
The identification, thanks to conservation laws, of a covariant symplectic structure as a general feature also for gravity can be seen as a deep link common to all the interactions.


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MCD, 21/6/2004