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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 08:54:25 -0500
From: Fermilab Users Office <usersoffice@fnal.gov>
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Subject: Run II Update

To: Fermilab Employees and Users

From: Mike Witherell

Subject: Run II Update

As I wrote to you in my all-hands message last week, I want to communicate regularly with you about progress on Run II. Today I
will share with you some recent changes in the Beams Division organization. First, though, I want to take a few moments to tell
you very clearly my expectations for Run II and for Fermilab

In recent days, we have heard from some in the media who are ready to write off Run II at the Fermilab Tevatron because we cannot
be sure that CDF and DZero will find the Higgs boson. Their stories imply that Fermilab is anticipating failure. Let me assure you
that nothing could be further from the truth. I do not know what nature has in store for Run II, or what we will discover, but I
do know one thing: Fermilab will make a scientific success of Run II at the Tevatron. That we face challenges there is no
doubt, but we face them together, with the extraordinary talent, energy and dedication that make Fermilab a great laboratory. Run
II will achieve great science.

Among the actions we are taking is to reorganize the Beams Division to focus effort more effectively on Run II, both on the
immediate operations and on the long-term program to increase the number of particle collisions in the Tevatron.

As you know, in January of 2003, I appointed Roger Dixon as head of Beams Division. Steve Holmes returned to being full-time
associate director for accelerators. Now, as of July 1, the Beams Division headquarters gained several new members. Peter
Garbincius will serve as deputy division head. I have appointed Dave McGinnis as associate division head for accelerators with
line responsibilities for the systems departments, the Accelerator Integration Department, and the Operations Department.  Helen
Edwards has agreed to join the division headquarters. Mike Church will serve as assistant head of the division and serve as
technical advisor to the division head. Paul Czarapata will continue as associate head for engineering, with line responsibility
for the support departments. Jeff Spalding will continue as assistant head for the Run II upgrade
Besides the changes in headquarters, there are two department head changes: Eric Prebys has become the head of the Proton Source
Department, and Elvin Harms is the new head of the Antiproton Source Department.

In a change made last month, the Main Injector Department was split into separate Main Injector and Recycler Departments.  Roger
Dixon appointed Ioanis Kourbanis to head the Main Injector Department, with Alberto Marchionni as his deputy.  Roger appointed
Sergei Nagaitsev to head the Recycler Department, with Cons Gattuso as his deputy.  The electron cooling project is now part of
the Recycler Department.

I have asked Steve Holmes to chair a daily meeting, starting last Monday, June 30. Steve will meet each morning with key staff to
focus on maximizing the accelerator performance day by day. They will assess the previous day's performance and react immediately
to optimize the next day's performance.

Making Run II succeed will not happen overnight. We are in this for the long haul. Besides hard work and patience, Run II will
demand the courage to keep pushing for the science we know we can achieve.