Seminario Prof. Blondel : MUON STORAGE RINGS

                       FRASCATI GENERAL SEMINAR

         OGGI/TODAY JULY 3 - at 15.00 - Auditorio Bruno Touschek

                   A. BLONDEL (Ecole Polytechnique)

                        MUON STORAGE RINGS


High brilliance muon beams have been studied to the point that muon
colliders appear to be, at least on paper, a possibility.
These ideas have received much attention recently with the realization
that  muon storage rings are unique neutrino sources, providing the only
known method to obtain high energy electron neutrinos. Experiments
include precise measurements of neutrino mixing parameters and possibly
discovery of CP violation in the lepton sector. The recent progress in
the study of such machine will be briefly summarized.


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