Postdoc Position (fwd)

Postdoctoral Research Associate Position

The Nuclear & Particle Astrophysics Team in the Physics Division at Los
Alamos is currently searching for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of
high-energy gamma-ray astronomy and cosmic-ray physics.  The successful
candidate will work with the Milagro gamma-ray observatory and a new
large-aperture air Cerenkov telescope (WACT) array that will operate in
conjunction with Milagro.  The 2-year appointment (renewable for up to two
additional years) is part of a highly competitive Laboratory-wide process
to identify exceptionally talented scientists.

The Milagro TeV gamma-ray observatory is a large water-Cerenkov air-shower
detector in the Jemez mountains west of Los Alamos.  Milagro continuously
monitors the entire overhead sky in the energy region above 500 GeV.   This
pioneering instrument is ideally suited to search for TeV counterparts to
gamma-ray bursts and intense flares from active galactic nuclei.  Ongoing
projects include enhancements to lower the energy threshold of Milagro and
to increase the sensitivity of the instrument through improved
discrimination of the cosmic-ray background.  We expect the successful
candidate to assume a leading role in these efforts and in the analysis of
data from Milagro.  The WACT telescope array is nearing completion at the
Milagro site.  WACT consists of 6 large-aperture telescopes and will be
used to study the cosmic-ray composition from 50 TeV to ~1016 eV.  More
information about Milagro can be found at http://www.lanl.gov/milagro/.

Please bring this to the attention of anyone we should seriously consider
for such a position.  Interested candidates for these positions should send
a resume and have 3 letters of recommendation sent to Cy Hoffman, MS H803,
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545.  For additional
information, contact Cy Hoffman, Gus Sinnis, or Todd Haines at cy@lanl.gov,
gus@lanl.gov, or haines@lanl.gov, respectively.

Cy Hoffman
Los Alamos National Laboratory
ph:505-667-5876  FAX: 505-665-6943