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Subject: Fw: Position at CERN-Urgent (fwd)

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Subject: Position at CERN-Urgent (fwd)

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> Subject: Position at CERN-Urgent
> Dear friends,
> due to the unforeseen departure of one of my collaborators (end of
> December) I have a problem of staff for the production of the GEM
> chambers for the COMPASS experiment. I am seeking for a young postdoc (or
> even good graduate students) who would accept to come and have six months
> of paid holiday in Switzerland, starting not later than January 2001 (but
> preferrably December 2000). His task will be to be responsiple of the
> follow up of the chambers'construction and test; a nice opportunity to
> learn the technology. With a German post-doc position, he (or she) will
> have an extra contribution for living at CERN, bringing the salary to
> about 4500 CHF/month. Some competence in the gas detectors field is
> desirable, but even more a good attitude in following protocols and
> directions. If interested, the contract may be extended up to a year to
> cover the installation and run-in of the chambers in the experiment.
> Thanks for any helpful suggestion.
> Fabio Sauli
> Gas Detectors Development
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> fabio.sauli@cern.ch
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