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Experimental High Energy Physics

The Department of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University invites
applications for a postdoctoral Research Associate position in
experimental high energy physics. We are looking for an outstanding
individual interested in hadron collider physics at the Fermilab Tevatron.
For more information regarding this position please contact Professor
Manfred Paulini (paulini@cmphys.phys.cmu.edu) and Professor James Russ
(russ@cmphys.phys.cmu.edu). Applicants should have a PhD in experimental
particle physics, submit a curriculum vitae and arrange to have three
letters of recommendation sent directly to Professor Manfred Paulini and
Professor James Russ, Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA. The vitae and recommendations can be sent
either by normal or electronic mail. The position is available until
filled. We will begin to consider applications on June 30, 2000.
Carnegie Mellon is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.