Abstract for April APS meeting

I am an undergraduate at Vanderbilt working with Paul Sheldon and Eric
Vaandering (and previously Kevin Stenson) on studying 6-body decays of
the D0 using data from FOCUS.  I would like to present this work at an
APS meeting in April and request feedback.  The rough draft of the
abstract is:

The Fermilab photoproduction experiment FOCUS collected over one million
fully reconstructed charm decays during the 1996--1997 fixed-target
run.  We will report on a search we have performed, using this high
statistics sample, for previously unobserved 6 body decays of the charm
meson D^0.

A webpage with more information will be posted by tomorrow (Thursday)
morning at http://www.hep.vanderbilt.edu/~abryant/6body.html

The abstract submission deadline is Friday at 5:00pm (Eastern).

Thank you,
Adam Bryant