The FINUDA detector

FINUDA (FIsica NUcleare a DAfne) is a non-focussing magnetic spectrometer (click for images), consisting of:

The interaction/target region consists of a scintillator barrel (TOFINO), the inner silicon microstrip detector (ISIM) and the stopping target. The external tracking system is composed of an outer silicon microstrip detector (OSIM), low-mass drift chambers (LMDC) and an array of straw-tube detectors (ST). An outer array of scintillation counters (TOFONE) completes the detector.

Main topic of interest is the study of Lambda-hypernuclei levels and lifetimes, and their non-mesonic decays. Lambda-hypernuclei are produced by stopping negative kaons from phi decays in a thin target, with the prompt negative pion whose momentum is uniquely related to the energy level of the hypernucleus. By comparing non-mesonic decays of the hypernucleus into nn and np final states it is possible to confirm the validity of DeltaI=1/2 rule in weak interactions.

SB -LB (update 10 Jan 97)