SIDDHARTA Experiment photos


Kaon Detector Prototype (18.02.2005)

SDD Bias Analogic Part - Final Prototype (18.02.2005)


DEAR Experiment photos

New Cryogenic setup (sketch)

New Cryogenic Target Cell

New Vacuum Chamber

Kaonic Nitrogen setup

Cryogenic target (KN measurement)

Cryo Setup Cryo Setup

NTP SetupNTP Setup        NTP Setup

Target Cell1Target Cell2Target Cell            Cryogenic Target Cell

Lab1Lab2         DEAR Laboratory

Cryogenics1Cryogenics2        Cryogenics

Platform1Platform2Installation of beam pipe      Platforms

Short term calibration sourceLong Term calibration foils        Short Term and Long Term Calibrations

Shielding  wallDAY-ONE IR        DAY-ONE IR and Shielding

Kaon monitor        Kaon monitor

     The vineyard of Jean-Pierre Egger at the Lake of Neuchatel