22 March 1999.


The DEAR NTP target installed on its aluminum platform, in the DAY-ONE interaction region of DAFNE. The two Read-out boxes for the four CCD's are visible, as well as the turbopump and the cryogenic system for the CCD's. The CCD chips have been calibrated in energy along the full scale (2 - 16 KeV) with an 241Am and a 55Fe source, using Titanium, Copper and Zirconium foils. Based on these lines, a linearity check has also been performed. In the background, the target, which will be filled with Nitrogen. Inside the target, Titanium and Zirconium foils have been mounted on the walls in order to have a long term calibration. The kaon monitor is also installed and its (pink) support its visible below the platform. Electronics - Command Box and VME crate -, the Cryotiger and the Slow Control Monitor are on the bottom of the pit, 3 meters below the platform. The shutdown is finished, the machine is closed since today to restart commissioning.