Using the serial lines
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The serial lines give the possibility to connect to a remote host using a serial line. It is useful because you  will be able to control the remote host in emergency situations  without asking an access to the Hall if the normal communication channels is not available. General informations about serial lines can be found here.

The LAC serial lines are the following:

  • scscaenX  (where X can be 1,2,3,4) for the CAEN HV crates;
  • lacs VME camac slow control single board computer ;
  • lac1 Fastbus Power PC single board computer;

To connect to a specific node just login into clon10 as clasrun and give the command

clon10>tsconnect node

where node can be caen1, caen2, caen3, caen4, lacs, lac1. Then you will see the screen coming from the remote host.

It may occur that a communication error message is printed on the screen. Usually is harmless, just hit return to enter the CAEN screen.

Refer to LAC settings section to see how each of these hosts is to be controlled.

When finished, give the  <RETURN>~q sequence (this means that you have to press the RETURN key then the TILDE key then the q key in sequence) to quit  the serial connection and then exit to disconnect from clon00/10.

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