Setting the TDC discriminators thresholds
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Basic information

Vartan See Vartan's pages about the Discriminator Manager (DiMan)

Basic steps

The following information should be equivalent to Vartan's documentation (at least for our purposes):

On a CLON machine enter as clasrun.

Suppose to log in CLON04, type the following commands:

clon04>cd diman

A window will pop up.

 Select in the CLAS scheme the LAC detector clicking on it once;

  •  Click on the ACTION button:
    • select _conf --> channel discriminator

 A window will open. In this window you choose the threshold file   that you want to use
 Select a file

  • Click on the OK button after the selection
  •  Click on the ACTION button:
    • download --> channel discriminator, file values      
  • Click on the ACTION button: A window will open asking if you are sure or not to download the selected file
    •  read back -->channel discriminator, file values       

 In this way you monitor the discriminator threshold values that you have downloaded.


This part of the program does not work properly. To have a simpler but much more reliable test on the discriminators status use the program: caen_c207c croc17

  • Deselect LAC clicking on it once with the right mouse button
  • Click on the ACTION button:
    • exit    

Changing the threshold values in the file that you have downloaded:

  • Click on the EDIT button:
    • The EMACS editor window will pop up
    • Edit the file and put the correct threshold
    • Save the file
    • Close the EMACS window, otherwise you will not be able to use the GUI
    • Then proceed as before

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