Research activities







        The LAMPS laboratory (LAboratory for tests on Magnetism, high Pressure and Spectroscopy) recently setup at the LNF is located in the Legnaro building and hosts experimental researches and technological activities supported by the Vth Scientific Commission of the INFN.
       Experimental techniques now available are Multi-harmonic AC magnetic susceptibility and AC/DC electric transport using an AC Gradiometer working up to 8 T; a liquid He immersion cryostat optimized for DC/AC electric transport measurements vs. temperature and magnetic field amd a liquid He flow cryostat for AC transport measurements vs. magnetic fields (0-8 T) and temperature (4.2-300 K).
        A fundamental R&D active at LAMPS regards innovative technologies under 'rather' extreme conditions, e.g., high magnet field with a DC superconducting magnet, low temperature and high pressure. To this purpose a unique device, named PRESS-MAG-O is now under test. After the commissioning it will allow performing simultaneously vibrational spectroscopy and magnetic measurements vs. magnetic field, at high pressure and in a wide temperature region to run experiments on materials under extreme conditions.
        Experiments performed on these conditions led to the understanding and/or discovery of a great deal of new phenomena and materials such as unconventional superconductors, Heavy Fermions, strongly correlated electron systems, phase transitions in vortex matter, quantum phase transitions, Non-Fermi liquid behavior, magnetic phase in nanoparticles, etc.
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