Monday, April 7
8:50-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Welcome from LNF Director (Prof. M. Calvetti)
g-2 -I                                                               Chairperson: M. Passera
10:15-10:40 D. Hertzog Measurement of the Muon (g-2) and Future Prospects
10:40-11:00 E. Remiddi Status of QED prediction of g-2
11:00-11:20 J. Prades Status and Prospects for the Light-by-Light Contribution to (g-2)μ
11:20-11:40 Coffee break
g-2 -II                                                             Chairperson: D. Hertzog
11:40-12:05 T. Teubner Hadronic contributions to the theoretical value of (g-2)μ
12:05-12:25 G. Colangelo Chiral symmetry, pipi scattering and aμ
12:25-12:45 F. Jegerlehner
Updates on (g-2)μ
12:45-13:05 D. Stöckinger Beyond the standard model contributions to (g-2)μ
13:05-13:25 A. Dorokhov The rare decay pi0 → e+e- and its implication to muon (g-2)μ
13:30-14:30 Lunch
Baryon Form Factors                                     Chairperson: P. Ferretti Dalpiaz
14:30-14:55 F. Maas Nucleon Form Factors in the time-like region
14:55-15:20 M. Jones Nucleon Form Factors in the space-like region
15:20-15:45 G. Salme' Theoretical descriptions of the Electromagnetic Nucleon Form Factors in Space- and Time-like regions
15:45-16:05 N. Raicevic Proton structure and QCD dynamics at low x
16:05-16:20 M. Guidal Generalized Parton Distributions
16:20-16:45 V. Dmitriev Constraints on NNbar interaction from the process e+e- → NNbar near threshold
16:45-17:10 Coffee break
Flavor                                                             Chairperson: M.Moulson
17:10-17:30 A. Passeri KLOE results on kaons
17:30-17:50 M. Raggi NA48 results on kaons
17:50-18:10 B. Sciascia Test of SM with kaon decays
18:10-18:30 J. Libby CLEO results on D mesons
18:30-18:50 M. Charles Results on D mixing from B-Factories
20:00 Welcome cocktail
Tuesday, April 8
R Measurement (exp.)                                   Chairperson: J. Lee Franzini
9:00-9:20 F. Ignatov CMD-2 and SND results on e+e- → hadrons cross sections
9:20-9:40 F. Nguyen KLOE results on hadronic cross sections with ISR
9:40-10:00 P. Lukin (A. Denig) BABAR results on hadronic cross sections with ISR
10:00-10:20 G. Pakhlova BELLE results on hadronic cross sections with ISR
10:20-10:40 P. Wang BES results on hadronic cross sections
10:40-11:00 J. Libby Measurement of R from CLEO
11:00-11:20 Coffee break
R Measurement (theory)                               Chairperson: M. Steinhauser
11:20-11:40 F. Jegerlehner Alpha(MZ) via the Adler Function
11:40-12:00 J. Kuehn R(s) to 4 loops and results on alpha_s
12:00-12:20 G. Fedotovich Prospects of accuracy improvement in hadronic cross section measurements to the per-mil level: theoretical and experimental problems
12:20-12:40 C. Sturm Precise quark masses from R(s)
12:40-13:00 J. Heitger Heavy quark masses from lattice QCD
13:00-13:20 M. Benayoun The Dipion Mass Spectrum In e+e- Annihilation and tau Decay: a dynamical (ρ, ω, φ) Mixing Approach
13:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-18:30 Excursion to Rome
Wednesday, April 9
Light Spectroscopy-I                                       Chairperson: S. Giovannella
9:00-9:25 N. Achasov Theory of scalars
9:25-9:45 A. Polosa A Theory of scalar mesons
9:45-10:05 S. Eidelman Vector mesons of light quarks
10:05-10:25 M. Shepherd CLEO results on light meson spectroscopy
10:25-10:45 A. Korchin Radiative decays with scalar mesons a0(980) and f0(980) in RChPT
10:45-11:00 P. Moskal Study of the hadronic production of kaon pairs below the threshold for the φ meson
11:00-11:20 Coffee break
Light Spectroscopy-II                                     Chairperson: S. Eidelman
11:20-11:40 N. Stefanis New vistas of the meson structure in QCD from low to high energies
11:40-12:05 T. Dimova Radiative and other rare ρ, ω, φ decays from VEPP-2M
12:05-12:25 Y. Bystritskiy Radiative decays of pseudoscalar P and vector V mesons and the process e+e- → PV
12:25-12:50 B. Di Micco KLOE results on light spectroscopy
12:50-13:10 A. Kupsc Results on η/η' from hadron machines
13:10-13:25 R. Escribano Update of η-η' mixing from J/ψ → VP decays
13:30-14:30 Lunch
Gamma-gamma physics                                 Chairperson: F. Jegerlehner
14:30-14:50 H. Nakazawa Review of 2-photon results from Belle
14:50-15:10 W. Ochs Two photon width of the gluonic σ
15:10-15:30 A. Obrazovskiy Conversion decays of light vector mesons and QED process e+e- → e+e- gamma gamma in the energy region 2E ~ 1 GeV
15:30-15:50 D. Moricciani Prospects of gamma-gamma physics at DAFNE-2
--:-- M. Pennington Light by light scattering
15:50-16:10 Coffee break
Radiative corrections                                       Chairperson: A. Arbuzov and G. Rodrigo
16:10-16:30 A. Ferroglia Bhabha scattering at NNLO
16:30-16:50 C. Carloni-Calame Status of Babayaga@NLO and its theoretical accuracy
16:50-17:10 H. Czyz Status of PHOKHARA and its theoretical accuracy
17:10-17:30 Z. Was PHOTOS Monte Carlo and its theoretical accuracy
17:30-17:50 E. A. Kuraev Structure function method of QED radiative corrections calculation for processes on lepton-hadron, lepton-photon, and lepton-lepton colliders
17:50-18:10 W. Kluge Initial State Radiation: a success story
18:30   Visit to KLOE
20:00 Social dinner
Thursday, April 10
Tau physics I                                                     Chairperson: A. Lusiani
9:00-9:25 F. Salvatore Experimental review on standard tau decays
9:25-9:50 K. Inami Experimental review on lepton flavor violating tau decays
9:50-10:15 A. Pich Tau physics: Theory Overview
10:15-10:35 K. Beloborodov CVC test in e+e- → KKbar cross section and data on tau → K Kbar nu decay
10:35-10:55 A. Shamov Tau mass measurement at KEDR
11:00-11:20 Coffee break
Tau physics II                                                     Chairperson: A. Pich
11:20-11:40 Y. Usuki Study for tau -> K^*0 K nu and tau -> η + X decay at Belle
11:40-12:00 P. Roig A proposal for improving the hadronization of QCD currents in TAUOLA
12:00-12:20 H. Hayashii Results on tau spectral functions from BELLE
Heavy spectroscopy I                                        
12:20-12:40 E. Prencipe BABAR results on Heavy spectroscopy
12:40-13:00 V. Balagura BELLE results on Heavy spectroscopy
13:00-13:20 M. Shepherd CLEO results on Heavy meson spectroscopy
13:30-14:30 Lunch
Heavy spectroscopy II                                         Chairperson: A. Palano
14:30-14:50 C. Yuan BES results on spectroscopy
14:50-15:10 E. Baldin Results on J/ψ, ψ',ψ'' spectroscopy and other results from KEDR
15:10-15:30 F. Corriveau Spectroscopy Results from HERA
15:30-15:45 Y. Kalashnikova Spectra and decays of hybrid charmonia
15:45-16:00 Coffee break
Machine and detectors                                   Chairperson: A. Vasilyev
16:00-16:20 I. Koop VEPP facilities in Novosibirsk: status and plan
16:20-16:40 B. Khazin Detectors and physics at VEPP-2000
16:40-17:00 P. Gianotti Baryon Form Factors at FAIR
17:00-17:20 J. Zhang Status of BEPCII/BESIII and physics preparation
17:20-17:40 D. Alesini Dafne upgrade status
17:40-18:00 C. Bloise DAFNE-2 physics program
18:00-18:20 P. Raimondi Prospects for an high energy e+e- machine at Frascati
18:20-18:30   Farewell