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Frascati's National Laboratories (LNF), the main important Italian complex of research laboratories and equipment in the field of basic physics, is situated in the picturesque place among the particular villas, tidy vineyards and olive trees.

 Main entrance of LNF

Main LNF entrance









P.za Roma and P.le G. Marconi

Frascati (~ 20 km to south of Rome) is a famous and popular town of the "Castelli Romani" well known for its beautiful villas and quality wines. The elegant villas are the main interest of the town. From Piazza Marconi you can see the Villa Aldobrandini, the largest and best preserved in Frascati, and you also have a view of Rome. Frascati has many churches. The most important is St. Peter's cathedral with a refined work of differently coloured stones.



Tourism and trade are the main activities of this town. The important monuments, the beautiful villas and  Baroque   gardens attract many tourists. Trade mainly  regards wine export: the "Frascati" white wine is made  from different grapes, which are cultivated by experienced  winegrowers. These two activities have fostered the  development of the town: hotels and restaurants have  been built. You can also find various wine shops in the  heart of Frascati; they are a customary destination for  tourists.                           




Famous research centers placed here lend Frascati an international importance. Frascati houses the most important scientific centers in Italy that found here calm and peace only a few minutes from Rome: INFN (the Italy's National Nuclear Institute), ENEA (the Italian Alternative Energy Authority) CNR (Italy's National Research Council), ESA/ESRIN (the European Space Agency), and OAR (the Astronomical Observatory of Rome).


Lnf: bird's-eye view