Special accommodation rates have been arranged with the Hotel Antica Colonia, the Hotel Villa Mercede and the Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana where a suitable number of rooms has been pre-booked for the workshop. Hotel Antica Colonia is about 1,2 km from the center of Frascati and 500 m. from the LNF, Villa Mercede is about 700 m. from the center of Frascati and 1 km from the LNF; Villa Tuscolana is located on the Tuscolo hill (see map). These hotels provide a free transportation for arrivals and departures at the Frascati Railway Station (and the Tor Vergata Railway Station in the case of Villa Mercede and Antica Colonia). The reservation of this service may be asked directly to the hotels.

These hotels may also provide other bus trips to and from Frascati downtown, upon reservation (free of charge, or at special rates in the case of Villa Tuscolana which offers only one additional trip, in the morning, free of charge). The hotels will also offer special restaurant rates.

During the workshop days, a free bus will pick up participants at the hotels every morning to take them to the LNF and will take them back to the hotels at the end of the workshop activity, at scheduled times.

For cheaper solutions, we have booked a few rooms at the Hotel Panorama, located downtown Frascati. People accommodated at this hotel may use the LNF bus.

The deadline for reservation at these hotels expired on April 20th. It means that we can not guaranteee any more all the rooms pre-booked for the workshop. Nevertheless, the hotels will accept requests of reservation until they have rooms available. Participants are invited to book their room as soon as possible.

Reservations must be done directly to the hotels by sending via fax the following Hotel Reservation Form (participants in NuFact05 and in the Mice Meeting may do one reservation for both the events):

Other accommodations are possible at other hotels at their regular rates for the season. We suggest the hotel Villa Pina, located not far from the LNF, in Via C. Lucidi 2, which is a road on Via E. Fermi, not far from the LNF.

Rates for Bed&Breakfast
Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana
Via del Tuscolo, km 1,500 - Frascati
Tel. 39-06-942900
Fax 39-06-9424747
80,00 €
130,00 €
156,00 €
Hotel Antica Colonia
Via C. Montani, 5 - Frascati
Tel. 39-06-94018061/94298051
Fax 39-06-9420932
85,00 €
120,00 €
150,00 €
Hotel Villa Mercede
Via Tuscolana, 20 - Frascati
Tel. 39-06-9424760
Fax 39-06-9416461
66,00 €
95,00 €
105,00 €
Hotel Panorama
P.zza Casini, 3 - Frascati
Tel. 39-06-9421800
Fax 39-06-9417955
50,00 €
65,00 €
80,00 €

n.b. Single-rooms are generally double-use-single rooms.

The hotels accept VISA and Master Card.