Airplane connections:

From Leonardo da Vinci airport in Fiumcino (FCO), you can reach LNF either by train or by car. The fastest way is to catch a taxi, which will take you to LNF in about 40 minutes. Taxis are available at the airport or could be reserved from the secretariat upon request. If you plan to rent a car, instructions to reach LNF can be found on the laboratory web page (↪click here).

Train connections:

From Fiumicino airport you can reach Frascati through "Roma Termini" railroad station. The "Leonardo Express" trains for "Roma Termini" leave the airport every 15 minutes except early and late trains, starting at 6:23 and up to 23:23. Once in Termini you can reach the town of Frascati, using the Rome-Frascati line. From Frascati train station Villa Mercede and most of the hotels can be reached on foot or by a short taxi ride. Upon request, Hotel Villa Mercede will provide transportation from the Frascati train station to the hotel.

If you wish to arrive directly to LNF from Rome, you can take the regional train Roma-Frosinone-Cassino and get off at Tor Vergata station. Beware that not all the trains stop in Tor Vergata. Check this before boarding (↪Timetable from "Roma Termini" to Frascati and from "Roma Termini" to Tor Vergata railway station). Upon exiting the station in Tor Vergata, the laboratories are located 200 meters uphill, on the left hand side along Via Enrico Fermi (state your name at the interphone at the small green gate). Please notice that the Lab is not close to the hotels.

Train tickets for Leonardo Express can be bought directly at Fiumicino Airport railway station for 14€. Train tickets for Frascati or Tor Vergata can be bought at "Roma Termini" Station for 2.10€ and 1.50€, respectively. Regional train tickets have to be validated at the platform before boarding the train. It is recommended to buy your return ticket already at Termini since it is not possible to buy tickets at Tor Vergata station.

Map of the Lab