The International Laser Ranging Service, the Frascati National Laboratories of the INFN-LNF, and the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana invites interested parties to participate in the workshop on the laser ranging space segment:"Satellite, Lunar, and Planetary Laser Ranging: Characterizing the Space Segment"

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For administrative and logistics inquiries please contact ITLW-12 Scretariat:

Silvia Colasanti, tel 39 06 94032716, fax 39 06 94032688,

“Satellite, Lunar and Planetary Laser Ranging: characterizing the space segment”

Frascati National Laboratories of the INFN-LNF, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Frascati (Rome), Italy (

November 5-9, 2012,

International Technical Laser Workshop 2012 (ITLW-12)

in conjunction with a one-day Workshop on

ASI-INFN ETRUSCO-2 Project of Technological Development and Test of SLR Payloads for GNSS Satellites

November 7, 2012


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The registration fee for the workshop is 200 Euro, including all lunches at INFN-LNF and participation in the "ETRUSCO-2" ASI-INFN workshop on November 7. The letter event includes joint ITLW/ETRUSCO-2 lunch and social dinner. Participants in ITLW-12 are automatically registered for the ETRUSCO-2 workshop. 

The conference fee has to be paid in cash at the conference registration desk.

The deadlines for submission of abstracts is October 8 and for registration is October 20

If you need an invitation letter to attend the workshop, send email to: and for registration

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Topics to be included in the Workshop are:

  - SLR Applications

  - Array Performance

  - Satellite and Lunar Ranging Experience

  - Array Design Considerations and Optimization

  - Satellite Signatures

  - Satellites Center of Mass Determination

  - Laboratory Testing and Testing Procedures

  - Novel Array Designs

  - Commercially Available Hardware and Specifications

  - In-space receivers and Transponder

A special session on the ASI-INFN ETRUSCO, focusing on the GNSS constellations will be held on November 7. The meeting will also include a tour of the INFN retroreflector test facilities.

The format for each session will include one or two introductory talks followed by short presentations and discussion.

ILRS Governing Board and Working Group meetings will be scheduled in conjunction with the Symposium.

Details on the Workshop are included in links on this announcement. If you have further questions contact:

Dr. Michael Pearlman

Dr. Simone Dell'Agnello


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Program Schedule

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Deadlines to remember:

Hotel Reservation: October 15

Abstract Submission: October 20

Registration: October 20

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Presentations ILRW-12 Wednesday 7 November