Participants are invited to register by filling in the online registration form.

The conference fee is 350 Euro, to be paid in cash at the conference desk (eurocheques, traveller cheques and cheques from Italian banks are accepted as well).

The fee includes receptions, lunches, social events, transportations and proceedings.


Access to INFN-LNF Network

To have access to the LNF network and connect to Internet, participants must authenticate with a username and a password. In order to get a username and a password from LNF, non-INFN participants must provide a copy of a valid identification document (passport or i.d. card) in electronic format. This should be done in advance through the conference registration form or, if already registered, at the following URL. Complete the form (Insert Guest Module), upload your document (n.b.: in JPEG format) and save.

Username and password will be delivered at the conference registration desk.

For more information on this item read the document Access to LNF Network.

INFN participants will be able to connect by using their INFN certificate or the username and password used to access the network at their INFN Division (for information see the TRIP documentation) .


Scientific contribution:

For abstract submission go to INDICO.

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