The 4th EuroGDR Meeting will be held at the Frascati National Laboratories (LNF) of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN).

Participants will be accommodated at the Hotel Villa Mercede.

A free bus service will link the hotel with the LNF during the meeting days.

Lunches will take place in the ENEA-INFN Canteen.

The LNF are at about 2 km from Frascati downtown. Frascati is located about 20 km from Rome (map), on a pleasent hill. It is particularly renowned for its beautiful villas and quality wines. It is part of the famous "Castelli Romani", small towns in the south-east of Rome, well known for their gastronomical, naturalistic and historical interest (map).

Participants are invited to register by using the on-line Registration/Reservation form.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE extended to: October 15th, 2004

Advisory Committee

P. BinÈtruy (LPT. Orsay)
A.-C. Davis (Cabridge Univ.)
F. Gianotti (CERN)
J.-F. Grivaz (LAL, Orsay)
W. Hollik (Karlsruhe Univ.)
S. Katsanevas (IPN, Lyon)
S. King (Southampton Univ.)
A. Masiero (Padova Univ.)
S. Pokorski (Warsaw Univ.)
M. Quiros (CSIC, Madrid)
L. Roskowski (Lancaster Univ.)
P. Zerwas (DESY)

Organizing Committee

M. Antonelli (INFN-LNF)
M. Ciuchini (INFN-Roma 3)
G. Isidori (INFN-LNF)
A. Masiero (Padova Univ.)
L. Silvestrini (INFN-Roma 1)
Workshop Secretariat:
  • M. C. D'Amato, Tel. 39-06-94032373
  • L. Sabatini Tel. 39-06-94032552
  • Fax 39-06-94032475

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