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International Conference

Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena

3 - 7 July 2006, Frascati (Rome), Italy



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“Channeling 2006”

International Conference on
Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena
3 - 7 July 2006, Frascati (Rome), Italy

Organized by
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare – Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati

In cooperation with and sponsored by
CARE HHH - CERN, Switzerland
SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, USA
UNISANTIS S.A. - Switzerland
IPCF CNR - Istitute for Chemical & Physical Processes, Italy
ISMN CNR - Institute of Nanostructured Materials, Italy
LPI RAS - P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Russia
under the high sponsorship of
Comune di Frascati


The "Channeling" (International Conference on Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena) series are the conferences devoted to new developments in the field of coherent and incoherent scattering of hadrons and leptons (protons, ions, electrons, muons and related antiparticles) in matter of various periodicity structure from the viewpoint of fundamental studies as well as applications. The organization of these conferences based on the traditions of the related successful meetings in Europe, America and Asia (including URSS and former URSS states' conferences) started more than 30 years ago.

The first meeting of new series - the "Channeling 2004" workshop (November 2-6, 2004, Frascati) was organized by the National Laboratory of Frascati (INFN LNF). A special proceedings volume of the SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering, a co-sponsor of the workshop, (Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 5974) included manuscripts by the presentations at the "Channeling 2004" has been issued. By the subjects discussed, the number of participants and the contributions, the workshop has shown growing interest to the collaboration within the international and INFN projects.

Electromagnetic radiation by relativistic electrons and positrons traversing periodic targets, such as coherent bremsstrahlung, channeling radiation, transition radiation, parametric X-radiation, etc., representing variety of processes of classical/quantum electrodynamics and atomic physics, attracts attention of researchers from many laboratories throughout the world specializing in accelerator physics, radiation physics, nuclear physics, materials science, biology and medicine. New radiation sources of that origin, being complementary to conventional sources based on synchrotron radiation, undulator radiation, free electron lasers, and Thomson scattering sources, can deliver powerful photon beams of coherent radiation reshaping, probably, the landscape of radiation science and its applications.

Channeling of charged particles in periodic crystals (monocrystals, complex crystals, nanostructures, etc.) has the potential to handle the beams: bent crystal channeling may result in beam steering at accelerators providing in such way the opportunity for beam extraction or collimation; by periodical variation in continuous potential of crystallographic plane, crystal can act as rather effective compact undulator; channeling becomes very promising instrument for cooling and accelerating muons, for production of positron, etc.

Channeling also works as useful method to control X-ray and gamma radiations for efficient beams deflection over the large angles at very short distances allowing in such a way the radiation intensity of existing sources to be increased in orders of the value (capillary/polycapillary optics, X-ray waveguides). Propagation of charged particles in crystals and propagation of photons/neutrons in capillary systems, even if strongly different by nature, have much in common, as both can be described within the frame of channeling theory.

The conference represents a unique opportunity for the wide interdisciplinary community to gain information about current and future researches in the field of coherent/incoherent scattering of radiations in matter (crystals, nanoporous materials, capillaries), and in particular for young scientists who have interest in undertaking new investigations following the foreseen development of the next generation photon sources, as well as an important opportunity for exploring and discussing new international initiatives in radiation penetration science, such as channeling of charged and neutral particles and related studies.

The program of conference will include invited talks, oral and poster presentations. Sufficient time for informal discussions will be allocated.

The "Channeling 2006" conference will be organized by INFN - LNF in the period from 3 to 7 July 2006, which is certainly one of the attractive touristic seasons to visit Rome and the ancient and famous roman area - the Castelli Romani (Grottaferrata, Monteporzio, Montecompatri, Rocca Priora, Rocca di Papa, etc.), where Frascati is placed.

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