International Advisory Committee

G. Alexander (Tel Aviv)
J. Appel (Fermilab)
G. Bennhold (GWU)
K. Berkelman (Cornell)
S. Bertolucci (Frascati)
I. Bigi (Notre Dame)
E. Blucher (Chicago)
T. Bressani (Torino)
N. Cabibbo (Roma)
M. Calvetti (Firenze)
R . Dalitz (Oxford)
M. Danilov (Moscow ITEP)
A. Donnachie (Manchester)
L. Foà (Pisa)
P. Franzini (Roma)
D. R. Gill (Triumf)
M. Greco (Roma)
C. Guaraldo (Frascati)
J. Haissinski (Orsay)
E. Iarocci (Roma)
W. Kluge (Karlsruhe)
J. Lee-Franzini (Frascati)
L. Littenberg (Brookhaven)
L. Maiani (CERN)
P. Raimondi (Frascati)
G. Salvini (Roma)
A N. Skrinsky (Novosibirsk)
T. Yamazaki (Tokio)

Local Organizing Committee

F. Anulli (Frascati)
L. Benussi (Frascati)
M. Bertani (Frascati)
S. Bianco (Frascati)
F. Bossi (Frascati)
G. Capon (Frascati), co-chair
A. Di Domenico (Roma)
F. L. Fabbri (Frascati), co-chair
C. Gatti (Roma)
G . Lanfranchi (Frascati)
V. Lucherini (Frascati)
S. Miscetti (Frascati)
G. Pancheri (Frascati)
C. Petrascu (Frascati)
S. Vannucci (Frascati)


M. C. D'Amato (Frascati)
M. Legramante (Frascati)

The Conference, the 4th of the Frascati series on Physics at Meson Factories, will be devoted to the following topics:

- CP violation, CPT and QM tests
- Mixing and flavour physics
- K decays, eta decays and chiral lagrangians
- Low energy kaon interactions, kaonic atoms and hypernuclei
- Phi decays, light hadron spectroscopy and hadronic cross sections
- Future machines and new detectors

The Conference will consist of plenary sessions held at the LNF
Auditorium Hall, with invited talks and selected contributions. A poster session is also foreseen. The best presentations by young scientists will receive awards and credits.

The proceedings of the Conference will be published.

For more information:
Tel +39 06 94032373
Tel +39 06 94032791
Fax +39 06 94032475