Dear Author,

this is the LaTeX package for the production of camera-ready copy for contributions to proceedings volumes and regular edited/contributed volumes in two-column format, published by Elsevier Science Publishers.

The package consists of the following two files:

Extract these files to the harddisk, and copy them to the directories appropriate for TeX. You can then run espcrc2.tex through LaTeX and inspect the result. This file must be used as a model for your proceeding.

The document style has been tested by a substantial number of authors and at present no errors are known. It has been designed for TeX 3.14 and LaTeX 2.09 <14 January 1992>. For advanced mathematics, I suggest to combine it with AMS-LaTeX 1.1.

Your paper should not exceed :

and should be E-mailed, as a single PostScript file, to: or (air)mailed to:

A. Sansoni
INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
Via E. Fermi 40
I-00044 Frascati (RM) Italy

to arrive no later than November 10.

We ask that you proofread your paper carefully before submitting as it will appear in the published volume in exactly the same form. You will receive no proofs but the editors will check and, if necessary, arrange for improvements in the presentation of the contribution in order to ensure maximal and even quality of the Proceedings.
Please indicate ISMD97 and your name in the subject of your E-mail.

Should you have comments or questions regarding submission date and/or page limit please address them to

You will also receive a mailing from Elsevier Science Publishers including offprint order and copyright transfer forms together with typing kits. The typing kits should be used by those NOT using LaTex for the preparation of their contribution. The forms should filled by all and returned by (air)mail to the above address.

F.M. & A.S. 30 Sep 1997