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LNF UNIX Batch Queues

Users submit their jobs to these different queues:


Jobs of less 3600 native CPU seconds
Jobs of less 86400 native CPU seconds
Jobs of less 400000 native CPU seconds
Jobs of less 500000 native CPU seconds
User that submits a NQS job must be connected on the NQS master ( The queues are divided in two different classes: SHORT and MEDIUM , LONG , HEAVY .

The S queue point only to six headless batch server. M,L and H are member of a complex queue. On each batch server can run only one of this tree queues with different submission priority. The H queue can be pointed by memory consuming programs.

The queues act as pipes to the 10 destination batch servers, finding empty machines if any, or queueing jobs if all servers are full. Jobs are submitted with the command:

qsub filename

where filename is the pathname to a job script. An example of job script is shown in Section 5.7 appended to this guide. To see the status of the HP Batch Server, type:

qjob T o cancel the running request, you have to use (in conjunction with qusage):

qdel -k -h batch-server request-id

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