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This User's Guide describe the UNIX configuration available at LNF , introduced as a central facilities since December 1992. The original configuration was based only on HP 9000/7XX with HP-UX Operating Systems, now the new Digital with operating system DEC-OSF/1 are also included.

Presently the LNF UNIX configuration is based on 11 Hewlett Packard Workstation with Batch Server functionality, one HP 9000/755 with 128 MB of Memory dedicated for INTERACTIVE use. Since June 1995 the Computing Service also support the DEC system with the new Alpha Processor and DEC-OSF/1 Operating System, this systems can be used for intensive I/O tasks, like data analysis.

This guide gives an overview of the LNF UNIX service and describes the procedure for job submission using Network Queueing System , NQS . More detailed description of the local commands are given in the online man pages. In addition, up to now only for HP-UX , a complete set of manuals is available on line via lrom command, which accesses a CDROM over the network.

In case of any trouble about the usage of the LNF UNIX system please contact:

Wed Feb 14 19:03:34 WET 1996