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Change your password
Temporary Disk Space for Data Files

Get an Account

To get a LNF Unix Account, you must contact your group Administrator, that sending an e-mail to (vax: smtp%"").

Upon the registration, users are assigned an initial password. To change the password use the command: passwd. This will prompt for your current NIS (Network Information System) and then this ask for you two copies of your choice. (NIS ar also known as Yellow Pages).

There is not password ageing but users are recomendend to use non-trivial passwords. At least 6 characters should be used and at the least one non alphanumeric characters should be included in the password. Avoid any dictionary word or any simple name associated with you or your login identifiers.


If you want to access an HP workstation, e.g. enter the command telnet. Some messages appear, followed by the login prompt, enter your account name, and the password will be prompted.

Login on the LNF Hewlett Packard ROOTServer

    % telnet
    Trying...  Connected to  
    Escape character is '^]'.
    HP-UX hpserver A.09.05 A 9000/755 (ttysa)
    login: carboni

Be carefull when entering your account name and password, because UNIX is case sensitive! Upper and Lower case letters have a different meaning.

After your login, the system asks for your terminal type. With the terminal type you describe the terminal hardware or the emulator program you are using. The most important types of terminal used are:

vt100 Digital Terminal
vt220 Digital Terminal
xterm X-Window Terminal Emulator
hpterm HP Terminal Emulator
If you work in a UNIX environment with a wrong terminal type setting, you should keep in mind that not all keys of your keyboard may be available in the way you expect. Then you would correct your terminal type with the export command. For example, if you want to correct your terminal type to vt100, you have to enter:
export TERM=vt220 Bourne/Korn-Shell users
setenv TERM vt220 C-shell/T-C-shell users

Change your password

Your account is registered in a NIS ( Network Information System ) environment. You can change your password using the command passwd (a link to /usr/bin/yppasswd). The procedure to change the NIS password is the following:

Changing NIS user password

  % passwd
  Changing NIS password for carboni... 
  Old NIS password: 
  New password:
  Retype new password:
You will be prompted for your Old NIS password. Then you will be prompted to enter and re-enter your new password. The re-entered password must match the first entry.

There is not password ageing on this system but users are recomendend to use non-trivial passwords. A password must meet four criteria to be valid:

If you forget your password, please contact your system administrator for a new one.

Temporary Disk Space for Data Files

Temporary disk space has been re-organised. Now two scratch areas are available for end-users:

/scrtch1: 8.6 GBytes
/scrtch2: 8.6 GBytes

Everybody is able to create his/her login temporary top-level directory in:

/scrtch[1| 2]/ $group

where 'group' is the user's corresponding group. This two areas don't have quotas, users are asked to delete unwanted files themselves. In addition garbage collection has been enforced on the two areas.

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