Message Of The Day

NEW! -a- 07Jan93 BATCH: The NQS batch queue system.
NEW! -b- 11Jan93 DISKS: Users Quotas on /.
NEW! -c- 25Jun93 PRINT: Printers.
NEW! -d- 29Jun93 BATCH: Working Commands qusage.
NEW! -e- 04Aug93 DISKS: Users Quotas on /u1.
NEW! -f- 04Aug93 LINFO: New LNF User Guide.
NEW! -g- 19Apr94 LINFO: HP system.
NEW! -h- 14Jul94 PSOFT: Beta-release of LaTeX2e.
NEW! -i- 13Sep94 BATCH: New Class of Jobs Available on NQS batch system.
NEW! -j- 22Oct94 LINFO: New version of: emacs, xprint.
NEW! -k- 20Jan95 KLOE: UNIX KLOE Software is available.
NEW! -l- 20Jan95 KLOE: Geanfi on HP.
NEW! -m- 20Feb95 DISKS: Big Scratch Areas /scrtch[1/2] with Garbage Collection.
NEW! -n- 20Apr95 LCERN: Version 95a.
NEW! -o- 17Oct95 PRINT: New Printer for Alte Energie New Building.
NEW! -p- 18Mar96 MACRO: New Disks / Tape and Global Reorganization.
NEW! -q- 20May96 KLOE: New /kloe/soft 4Gb disk.
NEW! -r- 20May96 SOFT: Pine Crash Fixed on Alpha_OSF.
NEW! -s- 20May96 BATCH: HPKLOE01 as been temporary removed.
NEW! -t- 31May96 SOFT: Full Packages Reconfiguration: CERN+PUBlic.
NEW! -u- 31May96 SOFT: Installed Fortran and X-Debugger (DART16).