UNIX Clusters

Administrator: Massimo Carboni (One Man Band)

LNF UNIX Hardware Configuration UNIX at LNF uses 13 HP 9000/7XX workstations each with at least 400 MBytes of internal disk. The systems are rack mounted and on the users desk, and networked using the ethernet connection. In the next future all the workstation dedicated to the production will be rack mounted. The total CPU delivery is 1100 Mips.

An additional HP 9000/755, hpserver, is connected to the same ethernet segment. This is configured with 128 MBytes of memory and is used for the interactive login sessions for users submitting to the LNF HP-UX queues.

This systems are grouped into 4 clusters, with 8, 3, 2, 1 workstations. The cluster servers are hpserver, hpcad, hpxserv, hpkloe01. Cluster clients hpcalc, hpcal2, hpcal3, hpalp1, hpalp2, hpmac1, hpmac2, hpcad1, hpcad2, hpsld1. The internal disks is used by the operating system (HP-UX 9.05), swapping space and temporary data staging.

In the next future the Computer Service will support the DIGITAL workstations, with ALPHA processor and DEC-OSF/1 Operating System.