Created on: March 21, 2003
 Last Update: May 24, 2005

Network Architecture in the National Laboratory of Frascati

The Frascati National Laboratory Local Area Network supplies network connectivity for the users connected directly at the socket.
The available network performances are 10Mbps or 100Mbps speed and half or full duplex mode. Each building is connected to the central switch in the computing service building by a gigabit ethernet uplink.
An IEEE 802.11g wireless service is also available at 54 Mbps shared with other users.
By using the new network appliances, it is possible to use VLANs which allows the division of the network traffic. In this way the hosts on the network do not have continuous interruptions.
On a large campus, like the National Laboratory of Frascati, with about 1200 hosts, it is advisable to use and to improve VLANs.
The computing service set up the Network for guests researchers or "External hosts" who can connect to the global internet without restriction, using DHCP or wireless.
To protect "Internal hosts", which are signed on in the National Laboratory of Frascati, "External hosts" are connected by  VLAN 131or "External VLAN". In this VLAN hosts are submitted to the firewall regulations like any other Wide Area Network users.

Author: Angelo Veloce

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