Network Computers: The Future Client

Jun 13th, 1997

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Table of Contents

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The Network Defines the Client

The NC defined...

What is a Network Computer?

In practice what is a NC?

IP-based protcols defined

World Wide Web Standards

Mail protocols

Common Multimidia Formats

In practice a particular evolution of the classical X-Terminals

Cost-To-Use analysis is key

Survey finds Intranet NC attractive

Cost-To-Use model reveals potential

Cost-To-Use reveals savings

Down time critical to user productivity

Upgrades impact productivity

Intranet NC easiest to install...

…and to manage

System attributes top purchase criteria

NCs: high growth expected

Network offers choice

Tests in the LNF

IBM Network Station

Tektronix Network Station

Sun Net Station

HP and NCD (not tested yet)



Author: Massimo Pistoni


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