L N F Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati


Lab. di Frascati dell'INFN
Via E. Fermi, 40
I-00044 Frascati (Roma)

How to phone:

All the LNF Telephone Numbers (four-digit) are reachable directly from outside.

The generic number is +39 6 9403 xxxx where :

Central Telephone Exchange / Centralino Telefonico:

+39 6 9403 1

Fax Telephone Number / Numeri Telefonici dei Facsimile:

+39 6 9403 2582 (Direzione)
+39 6 9403 2427 (Div. Ricerca : Alte Energie)
+39 6 9403 2256 (Div. Acceleratori)
+39 6 9403 2630 (Funzionamento)
+39 6 9403 2243 (Pubbliche Relazioni)

How to get here:

By Airplane

From the Areoporto Leonardo da Vinci at Fiumicino take a taxi (only licensed yellowor white cabs are recommended) to Frascati (30 km , ~ 100.000 Lit. ~70$).
You can also take the train from Fiumicino Airport to the "Roma Termini" railway station, or from Fiumicino to the Ostiense Air Terminal, and from there take the underground ("linea B") to the Roma Termini Station (see "By train").

By Train

From the Roma Termini railway station, take the train to Frascati (about 40 minutes): then take a taxi to Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati.
You can take also the Underground ("linea A") from Roma Termini to Anagnina Station (every 10 min), then the bus to Frascati (every 1 hour).

By Bus

From Roma to Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati there is a service organised by ENEA and INFN valid only during the working days (from Monday to Friday). This is the Time Table and Route.

By Car

Take the ring highway "Grande Raccordo Anulare", Exit 21-22 (see map). Take the national road named Tuscolana in direction Frascati. Turn left (via Enrico Fermi) 300 mt. before downtown.

How to visit the LNF:

A standard visit on the LNF lasts about two hours and generally includes:

To book your visit, please contact:

LNF - Visits Service, Dott.ssa Silvia Giromini
Via Enrico Fermi,40
IT 00044 Frascati (ROMA)

Visits - free of charge - by rendez-vous
tel.: +39 6 9403-2643 fax: +39 6 9403-2243
e-mail: sgiromini@lnf.infn.it

List of Hotels in Frascati:

(Area Code 39-6)
Hotel Bellavista        2, P.za Roma                    
***                     Tel 9421068  Fax 9421068        double (min-max) 140-170.000 Lit.

Hotel Da Bottaccio      Via G.Luzzi (loc.Vermicino)     sing.  (min-max)      70.000 Lit
**                      Tel. 9408173 Fax 9408663        double (min-max)      80.000 Lit.

Hotel Eden Tuscolano    km 18, Via Tuscolana            sing.  (min-max)  70-85.000  Lit.
**                      Tel 9408589  Fax 9408591        double (min-max)  85-120.000 Lit.

Hotel Flora             8, Via V. Veneto                sing.  (min-max) 120-140.000 Lit.
***                     Tel 9420198  Fax same           double (min-max) 150-170.000 Lit.

Hotel Giadrina          15, Via Armando Diaz            sing.  (min-max)  90-110.000 Lit.
**                      Tel 9419415  Fax 9420440        double (min-max) 110-140.000 Lit.

Hotel Villa Mercede     20, Via Tuscolana               sing.  (min-max)      80.000 Lit.
***                     Tel 9427110  Fax 9416461        double (min-max) 110-130.000 Lit.

Hotel Panorama          P.zza C. Casini                 sing.  (min-max)  70-100.000 Lit.
**                      Tel 9421800  Fax 9417955        double (min-max)  80-110.000 Lit. 
Hotel Pinocchio         P.zza del Mercato               sing.  (min-max)  60-80.000  Lit. 
**                      Tel 9417883  Fax 9417884        double (min-max) 100-130.000 Lit.
Hotel Villa Tuscolana   km 2, Via del Tuscolo           sing.  (min-max)     180.000 Lit.
***                     Tel 9417450  Fax 9424747        double (min-max)     230.000 Lit.

Hotel Villa Pina        Via Carlo Lucidi                sing.  (min-max)     95.000 Lit.
**                      Tel 9421063 Fax 9417711         double (min-max)    100.000 Lit.                     

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