Unix Account Request Form

Unix Account Request Form. (v 2.3)

Account Requestor Information

First Name (Nome):
Last Name (Cognome):
Codice Fiscale:

Foreign visitors without it, specify passport number instead.
Date and Country of birth:
(Only for foreign visitor without italian fiscal code)
LNF Office Building (Edificio):

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Phone Number:

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Office Location:

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Office Phone Number:

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Expiration Time:

Account Related Information

Reason for account request (intended work):
Account platform type:
Who is your supervisor (specify none if not applicable):
Do you have an account on LNF Computing Service Machines?
If yes, specify Username:
How do you want to be notified about this request?
E-Mail address where notify will be sent:

(Only INFN sites are accepted)
Any special remark? Write here:

(*) Use this text area also if Position is "Altro" to specify the reason you need an account on our systems without fullfill one of the previous addressed position.
Information Note

By submitting this form the requestor affirm that:

  • She/He will not use these computer facilities for personal use nor will She/He stores or processes personal information falling under the Italian Privacy Act (L. 675/96).
  • She/He understands that She/He is the only individual allowed to access this account and will not knowingly permit access by others.
  • She/He further understands that failure to abide by these provisions will result in termination of access privileges.

Se also the Italian Computer Crime Act (L. 547/93) that define as crimes:

  • Damages to computer systems of public utility (art. 420)
  • Falsification of computer science document (art. 491bis)
  • Unauthorised logon on computer systems (art. 615ter)
  • Retainment and illicit dissemination of passwords or codes to get access on computer systems (art. 615quater)
  • Spread of software directed to damage, interrupt or alter computer/network system functionality (art. 615quinquies)
  • Violation of electronic mail (artt. 616,617quater,617sexies)
  • Damage of computer and/or network system (art. 635bis)
  • Modification of computer data to get an illicit gain (art. 640ter)

Extract from Article 615 of Crime Code:
"Anyone get an unauthorised access to a computer or network system with security settings or continue to use it against espress or tacit will of who have rights to log her/him off is punished with the confinement until three years".

For any question regarding VMS systems send E-mail to:
For any question regarding Unix systems send E-mail to:
VMSUsers.Support@lnf.infn.it UnixUsers.Support@lnf.infn.it

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